Further Mulberry Discussions

Mulberry syrup and tonic water.  As I was snapping away, Moe decided to come take a sniff.

Yes, I got my mulberries--a small vat of them, from my Very Sweet Co-Worker.  Some went to make gin--which will be more purple than pink, next summer, from the looks of it.  But I cooked down about half the berries to make a super concentrated mulberry syrup.  (I followed these directions, except that I used a 1:1 ratio of berries to sugar, instead of 1:2.)  

While the syrup will shine on pancakes, it's also not bad to mix for drinking.  Apparently, a teaspoon of mulberry syrup served in a glass of water is a traditional Lebanese summer drink called "Sharab El Toot".  Not only is that a little fun to say, it's pretty darn refreshing, as well.

Here's to a lovely long weekend with lots of cool drinks!

[P.S. I've been remiss in announcing the winner of the stationery.  It's Sharm's Outlet!  I will be in touch about getting you your prize.]