Just the Right Sort of Weekend


The best sort, actually.  The perfect amount of work and play, of reflection and celebration, of making and resting.  (And I think we might have our first mason bee--see that bit of mud in the hole on the right?)

Courtesy of Nice Mom (a.k.a. "Door", as inexplicably dubbed by the Kid) and Sweet Sister (a.k.a. "Mowdie"), Sweet Husband and I also had a grown-up dinner out and a night away.  The Kid got thoroughly spoiled of course--a trip to The Toy Store, ice cream, and play to his heart's content.  As for us, the meal and the company and the sleep were lovely, but watching our baby run up the sidewalk to hugs the next morning was quite nice too.  

[Confidential to Sweet Husband:  Eight years plus, honey, and I only get a little more not sick of you every day.]