Growing Up Chicken

Gladys (the mama) has rejoined the laying hen world.  And--with a couple of "four egg" days this past weekend--I'm starting to feel egg-rich again.  Let the baking begin with wild abandon!

It's only right and proper, of course.  The former "babies" are starting to get big and ugly, as baby chickens do.  Letting Gladys raise them was an amazing process, but I think they're getting close to "raised", as far as Gladys and I are concerned, at least.  Gladys still mothers over them a bit, but not nearly as anxiously as she did at first.

The Indigo Girls are also growing up, although less dramatically.  They haven't been quite as seamlessly integrated into the flock--Bonnie and Joni are bullying them daily--but, aside from a tiny peck on the nose the first day, there hasn't been any blood, so I'm mostly letting them figure out the pecking order on their own.  Amy's manly looking legs are starting to concern me, but Sweet Husband thinks I'm imagining things.

Speaking of mama-hood, I had a little article published on the Sacred Pregnancy site this weekend.  Babies, marathons, chicks...they're all related somehow, right?