The Hula Hoop Habit

I don't believe I've spoken of my Nice Sister-In-Law here in more than passing.  But actually, there's a story there.  You see, I knew her several years before I met her brother, Sweet Husband.

She was a senior when I was a freshman, and she was...well, sort of just that awesome older girl.  She could play piano like Tori Amos, which meant that every boy in our band-and-choir circle was madly in love with her.  But she was really nice, so all the girls liked her too.  I don't know if my mother or her's knows this (I think it's come out over the years?) but I smoked my first cigarette in the back of her Volvo.  (Thankfully, it never stuck!)  The first time I met Sweet Husband, a few years after Nice-Sister-In-Law had graduated, I  walked away thinking, "Too bad he's not as cool as his sister...."

(Brief aside:  But by the time Sweet Husband and I started dating, he was quite the catch.  I didn't know this until much later, but no less than three other girls had huge crushes on him when I plucked up the courage to ask him to prom.)

Anyway, I thought of the smoking story this weekend, because Nice-Sister-In-Law was here and this time she introduced me to a much better addictive habit--the hula hoop!

I have never, ever been able to successfully hula hoop before.  I had heard that if you make your own hoop it often works better, but I didn't want to go buy all of the materials only to find out that I was still a hula hoop failure.

However, Nice-Sister-In-Law (and Cutie Niece and Nice-Mom-In-Law) brought materials to diy some hula hoops, and once I tried one that was properly sized and weighted, I was hooked!  (A hoop the height of my belly button, with 2 cups of water inside.)  Not only could I do it, but it's an awesome tummy workout--and one that I can do without feeling silly while the Kid plays in the yard in the evening.  (Although, I will admit, I look nice and silly!)


I'm not sure where Nice-Sister-In-Law specifically got her directions, but here's a tutorial that shows how we made our hoops.  I just covered mine in green tape, but--with all the different colors of tape you can buy these days--you could have quite the time personalizing these for all your friends!