Summer Weeknight Manifesto: No Plans, Just Fun

When I sat down to look at the family calendar for the next few months, I was a little disturbed.  "I think we have something happening almost every weekend from now until August," I told Sweet Husband with a little frown.  All of it's incredibly happy stuff--weddings and babies and learning--but,'s a lot of activity.

With that in mind, I made an executive decision to keep our weeknights this summer as free as possible.  I want to play in the yard with the sprinkler and muck around in the garden and dash off to the kiddie know, all the spur-of-the-moment summer to-do's that you always want to make time for, but that sometimes get pushed aside in favor of more scheduled events.

Band concert
Band concert-1IMG_2697Last night, that spontaneity--or, at least, only very loosey-goosey planning--took the form of hitting one of the Wednesday night city band concerts.  We ended up meeting up with some friends and, between the music and the water fountain, both the babies and the parents had great time.

As we were walking home in the dark afterwards--with the Kid contentedly babbling himself to sleep in his stroller--Sweet Husband and I were talking about what a plesant evening it had been.  "This is exactly what I want to happen this summer," I said, "No plans, just fun."