Come Check Out the New Digs

If you're reading this in a blog reader, please click on over and check out my beautiful new digs.  

The design was created by the lovely, talented, and very patient Moorea of Freckled Nest Design.  (I had no idea what I wanted to start with.  I think I might have actually made Sweet Husband's head explode one night with my, "I just want it to be pretty but not cute...and, you, me...and stuff."  He gets that making jewelry a bit too often, I'm afraid.  But if Moorea's head was exploding, she never let on.)  

I'm still kicking the tires and breaking in the clutch (Did I just talk "car"?), but I think, in addition to being darned pretty, it will be more functional, as well.  The list of my favorite blog posts of the day is still over there in the sidebar, but additionally you can check out my latest Instagram photo, see what book is on my nightstand, and--of course, of course!--grab a button.

Also, with the new digs, I've officially decided to get rid of the BlogHer Ads in favor of looking for more personal sponsors.  I'm thinking etsy shops and toys and art supplies and cloth diapers and local food and...oh, just all sorts of good stuff in that vein!  

If you think that might be you, please email me at  My rates are $10 per month for a 180 x180 ad, which is the same size as the Alphabet Glue affiliate button that's over there now.  Since I'm just starting out, email me by Friday and I'll do buy two months, get a third for free!

And let me know what you think of the new look!