One Thing Led to Another


It started when I heard rumor of blueberries on sale, and came home with a flat of them.  I froze a few pints, but most of them became blueberry ginger jam.

Poor Sweet Husband.  I got up early, early Sunday morning with the Kid so that he could sleep in.  When he ambled downstairs (at the now "late" hour of 8:30 a.m.) I was just boiling off my third batch of the day.  The kitchen was a disaster, but I consoled him with fresh jam on toast.  Safe to say, he was consoled!

But since the kitchen was a mess anyway, I couldn't let the going-soft bag of plums in the fridge go to waste.  Subbing a very dried up vanilla bean for the anise, I made one teeny jar of this plum jam too.

While I properly sealed up most of the blueberry jars, I had to keep one or two...or three...out for immediate eating.


And then, since we had some spare eggs and a party to go to, I figured, "Why not make pavlovas?"  One was a tiny bit burnt on the edges so, of course, the Kid and I had to share that for a snack.  We wouldn't have wanted to subject our friends to substandard meringue, right?
But it turns out the Kid is a big fan of whipped cream.  And since we were eating outside anyway, hosing him off seemed more efficient than an indoor bath.