The Dad Jackpot

Dear Kid,

You may not be fully aware of it yet--I didn't completely get it about my dad until I had you--but you have won the jackpot of dads.  

While I could give you a litany of every day ways your dada is awesome (he makes you breakfast each morning, he keeps you from swallowing rocks, he makes car sounds when you push your toys around), I don't believe that's the be all, end all of good dads.  (Don't get me wrong though, they're nice perks!)

No, what really makes your dad great is the way he lets you know through his words and actions--every waking minute, and sometimes even when he's mostly asleep--that you are the most important person in the world to him.  That he'll love you no matter what.  That he's proud of you all the time.  (Yes, even when you're playing in the chicken water for the tenth time in three shows persistence, after all.)  And although you don't understand it all yet, it's already shaping you into the smart, caring, and probably a bit wise-ass person that I hope you eventually become.

Trust me, I know my stuff on this one.  I'm a dad-lottery winner myself.

Love, da Mama

[Happy Father's Day Nice Dad and Sweet Husband!]