A Local Feast

Tonight, I was originally going to post about how we cleaned out our basement.  Really, it's actually more fun than it sounds, but that will have to keep until tomorrow.  Because we had a feast of a Father's Day dinner, which has driven all other thoughts out of my mind.

I enjoy being a localvore and eating seasonally because it tastes good.  I care a bit about ethics of it all, but--when you get right down to it--I'm a "show me the tasty food" kinda girl.  In that vein, we signed up for a CSA this year, partly because we adore the family that runs it, but also because I wanted to stretch my cooking a little.  It's a fun challenge to cook from what comes in the bag, rather than having virtually unlimited options at the grocery store.

This week's share consisted of--among other things--a pork loin, a bag of blackberries, and a generous sack of new potatoes.  In addition, I harvested a few huge bunches of herbs from our garden this weekend, and of course, we have garlic.

To put this altogether into the masterpiece that was dinner, Sweet Husband did a quick brine on the pork loin for a few hours this afternoon.  I turned the berries into coulis, which I later cooked down further into sauce (using local honey, onions from our CSA bag, a dash of whiskey, and--very loosely--the recipe in Put 'em Up! ).  

When the pork loin was done brining, I rubbed it down in olive oil, the herbs and garlic from our garden, and salt and pepper.  Then I skewered the potatoes (cutting them into chunks where necessary) and hit those with some olive oil as well.  The pork loin grilled for about an hour, and Sweet Husband put the potatoes on for just the last ten minutes or so.

I sliced the pork loin, drizzled on the blackberry sauce, and hit the whole dish--potatoes and all--with a small handful of reserved, chopped herbs, just to give it a little color.  We even ended up with local beverages.  Sweet Husband had a homebrew, I drank a glass of Traminette that I picked up at a local wine festival Saturday night, and the Kid chugged down some Iwig milk.

I won't tell you how many slices of pork Sweet Husband had, only because then he might tell that I was sneaking bits of the sauce and licking it off my fingers.  And the Kid just kept saying, "More pig peas!"  It was most certainly a meal that we're going to have to do again...a lot!