A Pre-Canning Season Work Day

We have the perfect basement for food storage.  It's partially finished (read: it has cement floors, not dirt), stays about 70 degrees year round, and it's dark.  Unfortunately, it's about the only storage for anything that we have in our house, so it tends to get a little crowded and messy.  

Earlier this spring, I decided that before we put a single jar of food down there this summer, we had to clean and organize.  This was not a project that was safe to undertake with the Kiddo underfoot--if you'll recall, the stairs are a bit death-y--so last Friday, Sweet Husband and I took the day off, packed the little one off to school, and went to work.

As it often goes with such things, I forgot to take before pictures.  (I would be embarassed to display them anyway.)  But the after is already beginning to look like a proper "cellar", with the first little bits of the season brewing and infusing and waiting to be pulled off the shelf at an opportune moment.  To illustrate:

Still not perfect, as you can see, but much better!  I'm certainly more excited about everything that's almost ready in the garden now that we have a place to put it. Perhaps the "after" picture really should be taken in October when the shelves are full?