Sponsor Saturday: Cubits Organic, Rare, and Heirloom Seeds

At this time of year I walk around with about half my brain constantly in the garden, so it's a real treat for me to bring you a giveaway today from Cubits, an "organic, rare, and heirloom" seed company, based in Toronto.

The Cubits' family includes Laura Watt (the gardener), her husband Ryan (the photographer and designer), their little Rebecca (sweet toddler), and their retriever, Hazel (the mascot).  Like many of us, they began gardening in small spaces--a rented apartment in the city here, a borrowed space there--so they know about urban gardening constraints.  However, they've recently broken ground on a farm which, along with a second babe on the way, sounds like it's keeping them wonderfully busy!

All it took was a quick peek around their website to have me dreaming of my fall garden....

I picked out some carrots and radishes and beets and, yes, even a pumpkin, even though we're already starting to battle the squash bugs around here.

I can't even pretend that I'm not a sucker for a pretty seed catalog, but I so love that they're small and organic and run by such a nice little family....*swoon*.  (And if that isn't enough, check out their blog and Laura's pinterest boards.  It's official--I'm going to live in their barn, and you all should go buy some seeds so that they can fix it up for me!)

But enough mooning and on with the goods!  Cubits has generously offered to give away six packs of herb seeds to a My Bit of Earth reader.  This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States and Canada.  To win, visit the Cubits shop and come back and leave a comment about which of their lovely fruits, veggies, or herbs you would like to grow in your garden.  I'll pick a winner on Wednesday night.

(Additionally, the winner of the Aloha Letter Press giveaway is Jessica.  Jessica, I'll be in touch about your prize!)