A Hacienda Horse Feather

A few Fridays nights ago, the most miraculous thing happened.  We went for an after dinner walk--as we often do--and the Kid fell asleep in his stroller.  He was hardcore conked out.

Enjoying the "mom and dad time", I conspiratorially asked Sweet Husband, "You think we could push him up to the patio at the Pig [a local coffee shop and bar] and sit and have a cocktail?"  

"I don't know, let's give it a try," was Sweet Husband's equally conspiratorial reply.  

We each took turns dashing inside to order, and then claimed a table near the corner of the patio railing.  We talked about the weekend ahead and the funny people a few tables over.  We anxiously watched to make sure the Kid didn't stir.  It was almost like a real date.

My drink was so unremarkable that I don't remember the name.  Sweet Husband ordered a Horse Feather, though, and it was delicious!

Thanks to Nice Father-In-Law's occasional re-gifting, we are generally amply supplied with whiskey and scotch.  Later that weekend, Sweet Husband broke into our stores to attempt a homemade Horse Feather, and the result is quickly becoming the Hacienda del Hosta "Drink of Summer 2012".  

It's not particularly novel, but it is incredibly refreshing when it's almost-a-hundred-degrees and not-even-the-4th-of-July-yet.

Here's our recipe!

Fill a big glass or a mason jar (really, it's a nice touch, yes?) halfway full with ice.  Add two ounces (two shot glasses) of whiskey or scotch, half a can of ginger ale (we like Blue Sky), and a healthy dash of bitters.  Give it a stir, garnish with mint if you have some, and sip it in the shade!