Today's Harvest

This is something I'd like to do more of.  I often forget, in the press of watering and herding chickens away and getting dinner started, but I think it's fun to document everything we picked from the garden on any given day.

Today was a "four egg day", which is a bit remarkable.  Not counting dear Etta, we only have four hens of laying age, so that means every hen did her duty.  I love that I can finally tell the difference between their eggs.  Those lighter three may look the same, but from just the slightest variations in shape and color they are--from the top down--Joni, Bonnie, Tori, and Gladys.

I also picked the first cucumbers today.  One was the ordinary green kind.  The other is a vegetable that we've been watching with great interest as it grew.  I didn't think I had planted any this year, but I remember ordering seeds for a lemon cucumber a few years ago.  I can only surmise that some seeds were mixed-up in my little seed box, because that's definitely what the round, yellow specimen at the top is.

Then there were more peppers.  The lighter one are wax, which I've had fabulous luck with.  The darker ones are jalapenos, I think.  I've been enjoying them pickled so much that these went straight into a (third) jar of lemony brine in the refrigerator.

Still no ripe tomatoes yet, although there are plenty of green ones.  

Last, the first squash bugs have been sighted.  I scared the Kid stomping up and down on them, but not to worry--we'll turn him into a battle hardened squash bug killer before the summer is out!

[P.S. The winner of the Cubits herb seeds is Kimberly.  Kimberly, I'll be in touch for your contact info so the nice Cubits folks can get you your seeds!]