Meet Our Bees (Not Really)

Technically we don't have any claim on them.  But since we moved into our house I've noticed that we have a lot of honey bees in our backyard.  Too many, in fact, not to have a hive nearby.  The other night, as Sweet Husband was walking home from work, he finally found their home a few blocks from our house.

You can only sort of see it in this picture (I felt really invasive taking pictures into some stranger's yard, so I just took one shot), but the out-of-focus fence posts are basically where the sidewalk is.  So these bees are only about ten feet away from anyone who might be passing by.  Unless you know that the boxes are the hive, you'd never know that there are bees there.

I'll confess, it has me rethinking my notion that any bees we got would have to be kept in the backyard.  Our front yard isn't quite that deep, but if a certain set of neighbors were amiable to the idea we might be able to tuck a hive or two into a little side yard we have.  

It definitely requires more thinking, but--in the meantime, even if they aren't technically "ours"--I will observe our neighborhood bees with great interest!