An Outdoor Closet


Two issues.

  1. We have a weird space between our house and our fence.
  2. My child enjoys leaving toys strewn out into every possible place in our yard.  I also have items that I like to have close-at-hand (closer than our shed), but not sitting out in the garden.

Put 'em both together, and you have our new "outdoor closet".

When we cleaned out our basement a few weeks ago, I found the pictured, little wooden table, along with an old drawer.  The table now houses small toys, and the drawer sits on top full of items I would prefer the Kid not have unfettered access too--e.g. the whole big jug of "bubble juice", bug spray, my garden scissors.

It's probably a little neat-freaky, but it makes me feel good to have a place for everything at the end of the night.  It makes it super-quick to pick up toys on the return trip to the house after putting the ladies to bed.   And I also suspect it will be helpful as the Kid continues to learn to put his toys "away", which he's just starting to think is fun.  (Pray that continues for me, alright?)  As you can tell, I'm a bit in love with my little outdoor closet.