The Tale of the First Tomato

It's a short story.  I picked it, and ten minutes later it was breakfast.  

Breakfast, if you're interested, was this yogurt on a plate, which may be my new favorite way to eat eggs.  The tomato, the eggs, and the basil were all extremely local--as in, straight from my backyard.  That might make up for the yogurt, which says it's from Washington, and the toast from Colorado.  

[Confidential to my Dad:  Sweet Husband and I both agreed that you would love this recipe!]

I'm hopeful that many of this tomato's green brothers and sisters will be inspired to redden up very shortly.  It would help heal my broken heart from the squash bugs, which are again decimating my squash and--in a new turn of events--my cucumbers.  You'd think I'd learn to just buy my squash at the farmer's market, but apparently I'm stubborn beyond common sense.