Tiny Knitted Pumpkins

IMG_1189Another one of Elizabeth's patterns--this one's called "Jack Be Little".  I had a skein of orange Malabrigo lying around, so I decided to knit up a few for the Kid's friends for Halloween.

Of course, once I had finished 3, the Kid asked, "What about mine?" and I had to do one more.  Fortunately, that request was quick and easy to accommodate--these little guys take less than an hour apiece, so you could still make some for your own Halloween/Thanksgiving/other Fall celebrations if you wanted to.

And that second photo?  It's a bit of brilliance my Nice Sister-In-Law slipped in the mail as a surprise early birthday present.  Some might call it a knitting bag or wristlet, but I've settled on the name "extra appendage".  Particularly if you have a home with stairs--and the armloads of stuff that are always being carried up and down them--you've got to get yourself one of these!