This Boy....


Woke me up this morning to tell me the difference between the "wall" and the "window".  And screeched, "More!  More!" when I took revenge by tickling his toes.

Gives "huns" to everyone, but never kisses.

Chatters constantly about his friends from school--Emmett, Issac, and Marlowe.  Tells us he misses his friends Owen and Sam, who have moved to another classroom and another state, respectively.

Might be color blind.  Sweet Husband thinks I'm jumping the gun.  I'm not rushing to judgement, except that I've figured out it is possible.  He knows a "truck" from a "bus".  He knows "on" and "off" and most of the parts of his body.  But when you start trying to get him to tell you what color something is he just laughs.  Everything is "blue", no matter how much we work on it.

Has decided he likes the song "Barbara Ann".  Mostly just the chorus, because that's the only part his parents really know.  Also likes "The Ants Go Marching" and "London Bridge".

Is a "milt" addict, particularly at 6:30 in the morning.

Is madly loved.