Milk Makes a Birdie Good



Once again, I have to say how much we're loving our CSA this summer.  

The star this past week was a beautiful chicken.  Following the directions in How to Grill, Sweet Husband spatchcocked (butterflied) the bird, and I slathered it in fresh pesto from our garden.  It took about a half an hour on the grill, and we roasted some little potatoes right along side it.  With s'mores for dessert, it was another legendary dinner at the Hacienda.

I am not ordinarily a huge fan of chicken because of the dryness, so, of course, I had to ask what was so special about this bird.  Our Nice Farmer said it was just a Cornish Cross, but that she feeds them extra milk, which makes them better.

Note to self:  Add milk cow to imaginary farm--not for the family, but for our future meat chickens.