Some Knitting and a Moustache Party

The moment the newborn fog wore off from the Kid, I began anxiously hoping a few of our close friends would decide it was time to have babies.  Not in a pushy way (I hope!), but a little selfishly nonetheless.  Although it defies logic, it feels like it might be easier to get together when all of us are on the same early-to-bed, early-to-rise schedule.  And, while we do have a few friends with kids, it's still a little lonely sometimes being one of the first couples to become parents.  Honestly, I'd like the company.

So when, early last Spring, the most likely candidates for parenthood made a little too big of a deal about getting together for lunch, Sweet Husband and I gleefully speculated about what was up.

Me:  Ohhhh....they are so having a baby!

Sweet Husband:  Don't get too excited, I bet they just bought a house.

Me:  Don't burst my bubble!  It's a baby, I just know it!  I'm so excited!

As our friends walked into the restaurant we were meeting them at, I anxiously studied the figure of the female half of the couple to no avail.  But we didn't have to wait long.  They sat down with huge grins, and announced that they had big news.

Female Friend: So, we have some news....

Male Friend: We bought a house!

I plastered a big ole' grin on my face and prepared to be happy for them, despite my wee disappointment.  But then--

Female Friend:  Annddd, I'm pregnant!

I was so excited that I had my knitting planned before we even got home that day--a Baby Suprise Jacket.  It was my favorite of the sweaters I knitted for the Kid.  He wore it everywhere.  

I also decided to grow some calendula to make this baby salve.  It was one of the things I wanted to make for myself when the Kid was born, but never got around to.  Luckily, the recipe made enough for us to keep some too.  It's proving to be awesome on bug bites!

In addition to the handmade goodies, this weekend we threw our friends a little baby shower.  (Can you tell I'm really, really excited for them?  That, and I love an excuse to throw a party.)  Because the expected little one is a boy and the dad-to-be has a fabulous moustache, we made that the theme.

CB shower

It was a fun afternoon.  Sweet Husband's home brew was a raging success.  The cupcakes (which I finally gave up and bought after a kitchen disaster) were delicious.  And the Kid made it through the whole party without melting down, even though he was too excited to take a nap.  (We will not talk about the tears that flowed when we got home, however.  Hmm.)  

If you're counting how many times I've said it in this post, here's one more for you--Nice Friends, I'm so excited for you!  You guys are going to be such great parents, and we can't wait to meet the little dude!