Having Fun with the Regulars


My Nice Co-Worker and her family are my most regular photography customers.  I'm so glad she keeps coming back (and I'm smitten with her children), but I must confess the question "Where should we go this time?" is beginning to strike fear into my heart.  My bag of tricks isn't entirely used up yet, but we've definitely taken pictures in many of the usual spots around town.

This time we were supposed to meet up somewhere else entirely, but when I got there I discovered that our "backdrop" was already in use for a rehearsal dinner.  Wracking my brains for somewhere else we could head to, I noticed a cool and inviting fountain in the center of the courtyard full of dinner guests.  

"Hey," I called my Nice Co-Worker as she and her family were on their way to meet me, "What do you think about shooting around up on campus instead?  Maybe walking around and ending up in the Chi Omega fountain?"

The fountain is a University of Kansas landmark, with students often sunbathing and wading in it's spray on hot afternoons.  Nice Co-Worker thought the revised plan sounded fine, so we met at the top of the hill (directions around KU are all related to "the hill", a.k.a. Mount Oread, upon which the entire main campus is built).  After taking several more traditional shots--and wearing out the patience of the baby, Little Miss the Cupcake--we decided it was time to get cool and paraded to the fountain.

The ladies jumped right in.  The guys were a little more reluctant.  And, while it may be that I'm just partial to one-and-a-half year olds, Miss Cupcake's "Are you sure this is OK, Mommy?" expressions as she mercilessly splashed her family were some of my favorite of the bunch.