About Moe

This is mostly for my Nice Co-Worker, J.  She likes the Kid and all, but every so often she comes into my office and asks, "So when are you going to write about Moe again?"

Moe has taken up running--along with the rest of the family--and it turns out he's a slightly better behaved dog when he runs for three miles a day.  He'll never have the manners of a Golden Retriever, but wearing him out every morning just takes a bit of the edge off of his intensity.  It's quite nice.

His foremost goal in life is still to catch a chicken, but we haven't given him any opportunity lately.  (Knocking very hard on wood!)  His secondary goals include jumping in the bathtub with the Kid (no dice so far), and stalking the Kid for dropped food.  

This morning the Kid was eating the very last banana in the house.  Seeing Moe's pleading eyes--at least he doesn't whine or bark--the Kid tossed Moe the last bite of banana.  Then he yelled at us in baby jabber when he realized there was no more to eat for himself.  It was hard not to chuckle at the very practical lesson in using scarce resources wisely.

That's our Moe, I suppose, always keeping us on our toes and teaching us things.