When We Come Home

We were out of town all weekend--wedding #3, beautiful, pictures once I get them sorted--and when we finally lugged ourselves in the door this evening, cooking dinner sounded bone-wearyingly awful.  Once upon a pre-the-Kid time, almost every return to Lawrence after time away meant a celebratory trip to our favorite local brewpub, Free State.  Tonight seemed like a perfect time to revive the tradition.

Everyone was fed and "watered".  The Kiddo got to color and bang pencils on the table.  (It's a little loud, so no one else even noticed!)  And I picked up a great recipe for the eggplants our garden keeps churning out.  (If it recreates well at home, I'll post about it later in the week.)  It was such a successful trip that I'm wondering why we ever let the tradition lapse.

Does anyone else have any "homecoming" traditions?