The Sunflowers

It's not like it changes.  Once you've seen it once, you've seen it.  But every year I drag Sweet Husband out to see the gigantic field of sunflowers a local farmer plants.  (And, truth be told, it doesn't take too much dragging.)

This year they're a full month early, and the farmer who grows them has predicted they'll be short lived--less than a week of peek blooms.  All that work of planting and waiting and worrying about the lack of rain...for less than seven days of celebration.

As a person who didn't do any of the work--although I send them my good thoughts for most of the summer--I have to say that it's so worth it.  It's impossible to capture the vastness of it with a mere camera, but when you're standing there, it's like looking out at the ocean.  I wouldn't think of missing it.