My Garden Waterer

When I dreamt of the Kid helping in the garden, I imagined a six or seven year old picking tomatoes and pulling weeds.  I never thought that my little guy would be game for "helping" so soon.  

It's a family thing.  We start by greeting the "chi-chins", then we "wader".  Most of the time Dada is home to help supervise--"Keep the hose pointing in the garden bed, bub"--but even on the days he isn't most of the water still gets to the vegetables these days.  (And, hey, a little water on the grass doesn't hurt in this 100+ degree heat.)  And letting the Kid water gives me time to  gather eggs and pick tomatoes and herd chickens.  

It's a novel idea to me--giving him productive tasks to entertain him and keep him busy--but it makes all kinds of sense.  Sure, I could move the hose around myself as I perform my other chores, but then I'd have to entertain him too.  Killing two birds with one stone=awesome.

Plus, he's just so intent on doing it.  I'll admit that it makes my mama heart burst a little to see him so proud of doing his first little chore.