Gossip From the Chicken Yard


If you're a chicken, the dog days of summer are a good time to hang out at the local watering hole and catch up as you guzzle down some cool H20.

Maybe someone will know what's up with Gladys and her bald spot.  Is it just a leftover from her babies?  Does she have a breast blister?  And how does she manage to lay such lovely, huge eggs in spite of it?

Oh, and somebody has to have the scoop on Amy!  I know she's not crowing and she hangs out in the hen house, but with a tail like that I don't think she's going to be laying eggs anytime soon, if you know what I mean!

[Meryl says:  Not to worry about Gladys--it's not a breast blister, as we figured out the other night when we poked it a bit to try to drain the (non-existent) fluid.  It's just her normal crop, and because she's acting fine and laying well we're assuming her feathers are just not quite grown back from brooding the babies.

As to Amy...um, yeah, hens don't have tails like that.  She's got to be a roo.  But so far she's completely mellow and quiet, so I'm going to continue with my denial as long as it's possible.]