The County Fair

As we sat down at a picnic table to have dinner--which was a loaded hot dog, a plain hot dog, and a basket of curly fries as big as my child's head--at the fair last night, Sweet Husband said, "I like coming to the fair with you.  You like to do all the same things my family always did when I was a kid."  On further questioning he clarified, "Like eating good food and seeing all the things on display."

I could have questioned further--what else is there to do at a little county fair?--but I decided to take the compliment in the spirit it was offered instead.  Because, really, those are the things I like to do at the fair.


As previously mentioned, we ate hot dogs and curly fries.

The Kid was a little overwhelmed by all the excitement, but he loved seeing the goats, especially the ones at the special petting zoo.  (This message brought to you by the "Meryl Needs a Goat" campaign.)

Still a little too short for the rides, but next year...oh, next year will be the year!
And while my entries in photography and jalapeno peppers only got the "thanks for participating" yellow ribbon, I still had fun geeking out in the poultry barn.  (That's a baby and mama pigeon, a pretty Wyandotte chicken, and a runner duck....I don't miss the mess, but I do miss our ducks!)

Basically, we ate good food and we saw the stuff on display--can't think of a better way to spend the fair than that!