Following Up On Some Garden Projects

I often lose track and forget to update you all on some of our little projects.  As is common, some of the garden projects that seem brilliant in May are complete failures by July.  And some that are complete, "what the hell" experiments end up beautifully.

The front yard meadow is, unfortunately, the former.  There are a few flowers poking through, but mostly it looks like we're just too lazy to mow our lawn.  It's almost entirely gone to weeds.  Back to the drawing board for next year!


On the other hand, our mason bee house is hopping with inhabitants.  Each time I check, it seems there are more little homey-holes filled up.  And it's a rare afternoon that I can't spot a bee or two out having a snack on the cosmos.  While I still want to have a more traditional hive soon, in the meantime, this is a tremendously interesting (and much less expensive) substitute.