Alphabet Glue (Or, Why I Wish I Was Seven Years Old Again)

I read what feels like a million blogs, yet I have precious few that I have to check each morning before I can properly go about my day.  (Hello Amanda Soule!  Hi there, Ginny!)  Quickly making that group a trio is dear Annie of Bird and Little Bird.  I'll admit that I'm pre-disposed to mamas of toddler boys who are in the throes of teething, but--beyond that even--she's endearingly quirky and fun.

Also, she's a wicked-creative-powerhouse.  Which gets me to the real purpose of this post, Annie's e-magazine, Alphabet Glue.  Alphabet Glue is billed as "activities and inspiration for kids who love books (and their grown-ups too)".  In addition to the grade-and-interest-level classified book lists--which, by themselves, are worth the $4 an issue--the magazine is a compendium of the ideas I wish my mom had been able to get her hands on when I was a kid.

Truly, from about that seven-to-ten age range, I was interested in "experiments" and--as I know you'll find hard to imagine--I loved a good craft project.  But the internet didn't really exist, and our local library options were limited.  We made baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, and mixed up flour and goodness-knows-what just to see "what would happen".  (Um, glue...lots of glue.)  My point is, something like Alphabet Glue would have saved a lot of my mother's dishes!

For example, in addition to the book recommendations, the latest issue of Alphabet Glue includes:

  • instructions (and a cute seed packet) for saving common garden seeds, like tomatoes and sunflowers
  • paper pin wheel story starters
  • draw-your-own comic books
  • family friendly graphic novels
  • backyard tree guides
  • a "make it rain indoors" science experiment

While my baby is still a bit too young to enjoy most of it (although I'm starting to suspect a subscription may find it's way into my nine year-old Cutie Niece's Christmas stocking), I'm considering stockpiling issues for when the Kid is four or five.  Because I like pretending that I'm doing fun things just to entertain him, with no ulterior motive for myself.  And also, I like my dishes.

I know it's not Saturday yet, but Annie said I could give away a copy of the latest issue of Alphabet Glue, and I like you all too much not to take her up on it.  To win, leave a comment below.  I'll pick a winner next Tuesday.

[P.S. Stacy, you won the Urban Baby Bonnets giveaway.  I'll be in touch tomorrow.]

[P.P.S.  Annie sent me review copies of several issues of Alphabet Glue so that I could write this post, but my blog-crush dates back from way before that!]