So Spoiled


The barrage of mail has started.  

Much of it is of my own doing.  I know lots of people had babies before Amazon Prime, but lawdy is it handy when you are pregnant/have just given birth/are being lazy.  

Example: Saturday morning, on the way to gymnastics, I noticed the Kid's sweat pants were getting disgustingly ratty.  I could have waited until the end of class, headed for the big box store, waddled in from the parking lot, dodged the strategically placed toy section, and (hopefully) found a pair of sweats in his size, all the while corralling a tired 3-year-old.  But instead I whipped out my phone--while I was killing time waiting for his class to be over, actually--and his new pants will magically appear on our porch in a few days.  It's so easy that our forebearers would have probably called it witchcraft.

But, while that kind of mail is nice, even more fun are the complete surprises that have turned up.  

I am sorta-kinda getting more comfortable with the fact that my primary love language is the gifty-surpise-y one.  (It feels materialistic when you say it out loud, but it really is about appreciating the thought and effort.)  What that means in a practical sense is that coming home to an unexpected surprise can absolutely tickle-me-pink-make-my-day.  I'm told there are people in the world who don't like getting presents, but that will never be my affliction.

Above, you see two such surprises of recent arrival.

Up top, a beautiful baby quilt from my erstwhile Ragnar roomie, Nicole.  The back is as pretty as the front, but we'll save that picture for when there's a baby to plop on top of it.  :)  I was actually feeling a little guilty because the Kid got a mama-made quilt, and I just haven't had the energy to try one for Little Miss.  Guilt-be-gone, thanks to Nicole!

Down lower, a few goodies from a whole box that Sharm sent.  (I started putting stuff away before I realized I wanted to take a photo.)  The pillow-thing is called a "topponcino", which is something I hadn't heard of when the Kid was little so I'm interested to see how it works for Little Miss.

It's awfully nice to be spoiled!