One and a Half (For Reals)

I've been saying he's one and a half since at least the start of summer--I tend to round up.  But today he's really-truly one and a half.

And because this blog also doubles as our family record and the Kid's baby book, I would be remiss if I didn't document a few milestones.

I continue to be astounded by his words.  He's beginning to put together more and more short sentences, and with a little help, he can count to ten and say parts of his ABC's.  (I totally blame his dada and school for those last two.)

He's also very set on our routines--even routines I didn't realize we had.  Everyday we come home, get the mail, visit the chickens, and water the garden.  I hadn't ever thought about that, until one day last week when I forgot about the mail and headed straight for the chickens.  He stopped me at the gate, very concerned, questioning, "Mail?"

At the same time, he's getting to be an independent little chap, insisting on walking, and only holding his mama's hand when he doesn't have a choice.  

He's also growing into what I gather is the start of the "terrible twos" tantrum phase.  So far, it's been more annoying than difficult.  He hasn't had a big fit out in public yet, but at least every few days at home he'll dramatically throw himself on the floor and cry.  (A typical "tragedy"?  When we won't let him have milk before dinner so that he doesn't ruin his appetite.)  Sometimes the drama gets to be too much and I have to step into the other room to keep from chuckling.  Mostly we're trying to react sensibly--not giving in, but not being unfeeling either.

The happiest thing for me over these past six months is that his sleep habits are getting better.  He's still up occasionally--mostly when he's cutting teeth--but he's more or less sleeping all night in his own bed.  I love it when he creeps in to cuddle in the mornings, but I love the cuddles all the more when I haven't been getting kicked all night long.

Next up in the world of the Kid?  Potty training.  The plan is to start soon, but that's really another post, for another day.