A Fall Garden





Holy-blessed-break-in-the-weather, Batman!

No really.  The highs have been in the 90s, with lows getting down into the 50s.  Compared to the round the clock triple digits we were experiencing a few weeks ago, it's definitely a welcome shift.  And suddenly I'm daydreaming of pumpkins and risotto and knitting.

But first, a fall garden.  Between a hole left from garlic that I harvested earlier this summer, and our decimated squash and sunflowers, I had three garden beds that needed planting.  The weather was so nice and cool Sunday morning that I was inspired to dig through my little seed box for some suitable late season veggies.

I planted some broccolini, kale, chard, radishes and a ton of beets.  I also put in a second sowing of arugula and cilantro, both things we use a lot when we have them.  Lastly, I planted some carrots, but this year I decided to do it in pots (they're little carrots), to avoid having to dig the soil as carefully.  In years past, our rocky soil has led to some severely misshapen carrots.  I'm not sure if they'll do better in the pots--particularly given the Kid's very vigorous watering--but I figured I'd give it a go.

In the spring, we typically keep the ladies enclosed for a few weeks in order to let the veggie seedlings get a head start.  As I didn't want to do that at this time of year, I opted to protect the vegetables with chicken fencing instead.  It's pretty ghetto, but it does the job.

As you can see, the break in the weather has also induced the girls to start laying again.  We had a nice frittata for dinner the other night to celebrate!

I'm also hoping the cooler weather will encourage my pole beans to finally set some pods.  They're tall and gorgeous, but so far we haven't gotten a single bean.  I'm loving my choice to inter-plant the "food" beans with hyacinth beans though--even if we don't ever get beans, the blossoms are lovely.