The "Playdrownd"

Yes, I have become one of those precious moms who copies her toddler's mispronunciations.  Bite me.

But it's amazing what you can discover on the "playdrownd" on a random Wednesday evening.

Like that Mommy has to close her eyes when the Kid (with Daredevil-Dad's help) climbs up "the big kid way" to get to the slide.

Like that someone had the wisdom to plant an oak tree, even though many other kinds might have grown faster.

Like that a ten-year-old kid skateboarding is now a small toddler's hero.

Like that Daddy gets sea sick on the swings, but is really good at pushing.

Like that someone left a frisbee hiding underneath the slide that looks like a firetruck.

I'm such an autumn-lover, but--despite the heat, even--it's been a golden summer discovering the world with my little man.  Even though he's not officially in school yet, the start of school feels like the beginning of the end.