Isola's Letter Writing Club: Make Pretty Mail Tape

I do not know if I have already said this or not, but my pen-pal makes the prettiest envelopes.  Like, I don't even have to look at the return address, I just see the pretty paper and go, "Yay!  It's a letter from Liz!"

On a related note, I've been ogling this tutorial for diy washi tape for ages.  I love washi tape, but I hate how hard it is to find locally.  You can get it online, of course, but with shipping and all of that, it works out to be some spendy tape when it's all said and done.  But it's so nice for dressing up letters and packages.

This afternoon--while the Kid napped--I decided to finally make my own.  I began with three kinds of double-sided tape.

IMG_5534And then I added some scraps of fabric and paper.  I discovered that you want to cut the fabric generously so that it more than covers the tape.  Of the three tapes pictured above, the two fabric tapes worked best.  The poster tape was acceptable, but it didn't have the right "give" so some of the resulting washi tape ended up a bit bubbly.

IMG_5538After, pressing the fabric onto one side of the tape, I used a rotary cutter, to trim he fabric to be about the same size as the tape.


Then I rolled the tape into neat little wraps, secured with tiny scraps of fabric.
It was so quick and easy that I even had time to read a chapter of my new library book before the Kiddo woke up!

Since it worked out so well--and also because it's "letter writing day" and I think everyone should pretty-up their handwritten mail--I'm giving the little roll with the ivy on it away.  Just leave a comment below to enter.  I'll pick a winner on Thursday.