A Creepy Crawly Walk

Searching for just the perfect stick for a project I have in mind, the fellas and I loaded up for a walk in the woods Sunday morning.  Thinking that the Kid might be interested in walking, rather than riding in his stroller, we picked an easy, short trail comprised of two connected 3/4 mile loops.  Having heard that ticks are really awful this year, we all doused ourselves in bug spray to hopefully avoid the wee blood-suckers.

Before we even got to the trail-head, a tiny little snake greeted us.  Sweet Husband couldn't positively identify it, so we kept our distance, but the Kid was fascinated to watch him slither about.

After a minute or two, we finally pulled him away to start down the trail, with me in front and Sweet Husband and the Kid bringing up the rear.

Do you know what other critters are thick this year? Spiders.  

After about my twentieth spider web dance--envision frantically pulling sticky web bits from face and hair--and Sweet Husband's ensuing laughter, I had the worst case of the willies and was no longer even searching for a suitable stick for my project.  While the Kid mostly enjoyed tromping around in the woods, as suspected, he tired out pretty quickly, so we headed for home after the first 3/4 mile loop, rather than trying to conquer the second one too.

But the creepy crawlies were not done with us.  Despite the bug spray, both Sweet Husband and Knox brought home ticks as passengers.  (I haven't found one...yet.)  Sweet Husband also ended up covered in some sort of unidentifiable bug bites--karmic justice for his laughter, I think--and even the Kid has a little rash.  (His doc says it's probably not related, but it's hard not to connect the two in my imagination, at least.)

While I love that little trail, I think we may wait for a good killing frost before we go back.