The Booze in the Basement

This year's crop of infused booze, plus a bit of homemade vinegar, all pulled up from the basement for show-and-tell.

First, the mulberry gin.  As you may recall, a Nice Co-Worker gifted me a vat of mulberries this spring.  The berries and a few cups of sugar have been infusing something like a half-gallon of gin since late May.  This weekend we strained off the berries, and the gin will now sit in the basement and "age" until the warm weather next spring drives me to want a refreshing cocktail.

Second, some cherry bourbon, inspired by Marisa's recipe and a sale on cherries earlier this year.  The cherries--along with a bit of orange peel--have also been steeping since late May or early June.  After sampling a small spoonful, I think we'll save it for a warming sipper over the holidays.

Last, a bit of homemade vinegar.  I made this by mixing a bottle of not-so-good white wine with some unfiltered apple cider vinegar and letting it sit over the summer.  I'm not a vinegar connoisseur, but I like the result.  It's not as puckery as the apple cider vinegar alone would be, and it's much better than the wine by itself too.  I'm looking forward to using it to dress some braised kale and chard this fall.