Love, A Screenplay





The Scene: A small town in Kansas.  

The Protagonist: A pretty, young high school English teacher, who happened to get a job at the very same high school she graduated from.  Adorably quirky, delightful, smart aleck-y sense of humor, writes poetry on the side, loves movies.

The Story:  Girl meets boy.  Boy shares sense of humor and sweet mannerisms.  (Boy is also a pre-school teacher for special needs kids, which probably makes every girl he meets go "awww!" inside their own heads, even if a few are able to refrain from saying it out loud.)  Boy and girl fall in love, travel the world, and eventually settle in a cute, yellow house in a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood.  With their dog, Knuckles, who loves and is beloved by them, but--probably rightly so--would rather eat suspicious looking folk who show up at the yellow house with cameras in hand.


If I haven't just given someone the bones for the perfect romantic comedy, Hollywood isn't paying attention. On the off chance that someone is, I want a cameo as the wedding photographer!  Also, you'll have to put "based on a true story" in there somewhere, because it is entirely based on this dear couple. 

*Insert dramatic, but happy, sigh.*

Every time I start to think, "I really shouldn't do another wedding.  I already have about three jobs, do I really need to be a photographer too?" I look at pictures like these and get a little "love buzz" all over again.  Maybe that's a movie in itself?  "The Wedding Photographer Who Was Addicted to Weddings."  

Title needs work, but I think Hollywood could make something of that, yes?

In any event, it was a beautiful, fun wedding.  Congratulations Melissa and Marc!