I was privileged to meet five beautiful, funny, interesting, and very human people today.  A round of completely unrelated hopeful, happy thoughts feels in order, one for each.

1. My husband is outside--right now, as I'm typing this--working at his very own forge.  The grin on his face as he clapped on his safety goggles and headed out was akin to that of the Kid's when we agree to stop for ice cream.  I don't even know what to call it exactly--"forgery" seems like it might give people the wrong idea--but whatever he's doing out there seems like the start of a good hobby.  (And maybe some new kitchen knives?)

2.  Actual pre-sleep bedtime conversation from earlier this week.

Sweet Husband:  What things do you think you'd want if we started looking for a new house?

Me:  Oh...a spare bedroom...someplace with room for goats....

Sweet Husband:  We're not keeping goats in the spare room!

Me:  Ohhh!  But we could name it Mr. Tumnis!

I was joking, obviously, although my mother swears that I once tried to sneak a baby goat into the house when I was younger.  I don't remember that specifically, but I wouldn't put it past myself.

3.  Someone taught the Kid that the way to make little ouchies better is to kiss them.  He stubs his toes a lot, and--after a long day of play--they're often a little stinky.  Nonetheless, when your child is sobbing, "Kiss it!" what else is there to do?  

4.  I'm planning names in my head for a second kid a lot lately.  (No, you shouldn't read anything into that.  Not preggers.  Not planning to be that way anytime soon.)  I'm convinced that--because the Kid has one name from each of his grandfathers--I'd like to name Hypothetical Second Child from our mothers' families.  There's a really good girl name on one side of the family, a really good boy name on the other, but finding one from each is just...well, I haven't hit on anything magical yet.  

Unless it's a girl, and then we'll give her the girl name as a first name and the boy name as a middle name.  And she'll grow up to be an author, because that's what girls with sassy, boy middle names do, right?

But I've totally screwed myself as far as a blog name goes.  The Kid and the Other Kid?  Kid One and Kid Two?  Perhaps it's a good thing I've got awhile--perhaps even until never--to get this all squared away.

5.  We're supposed to have a thunderstorm tonight.  We've had false alarms all summer, but something about the way the wind was blowing in the sycamore trees this afternoon gives me a good feeling that this might be the real deal.  It's supposed to continue through the weekend, and if it does the Kid and I are suiting up for a puddle walk.  I've been waiting for a chance all summer.  I think he'll love it!

[P.S.  Some winners:  Congrats Linds, the winner of the gift certificate to Little Spruce Organics!  And congrats to Judy, the winner of the homemade washi tape!  I'll be in touch ladies!]