Buskers and Fiddlin' and Pickin', Oh My!

Both the Lawrence Busker Festival and the Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships were in town this weekend.  Consequently, I think about all we did was dart between our house and downtown--which was where all the fun was--heading home only for snacks, naps, and really hard rain.

The Kiddo was a little freaked out by the contortionist and the magician, but he adored the pogo dudes.  And Sweet Husband and I could have sat on our blanket and listened to mandolin and fiddle for hours if the small fellow would have been agreeable.  (I took him to the fancy hat booth.  I handled the glue, he did the glitter.  Even after a bath, he's still covered in purple glitter...drrr!)

In addition to being tired and happy, I'm all sorts of buzzed to work on my uke playing.  I told Sweet Husband that I think I should learn a ukulele piece to perform in the miscellaneous category at the Fiddling and Picking Championships next year.  I have 365 days, after all, surely I can practice-up something awesome by then!