And Then She Took S'More Pictures

One of my Nice Co-Workers has begun a little joke these past few weeks.  I'm not 100% sure where it originated from, but she's been humorously adding, "And then she raised a goat!" to many of my lunchtime stories of chickens or knitting or the Kiddo.  It's entirely good-natured, so it makes a funny ending to almost any little anecdote.  And, really, in metaphorical way, it could almost be the tag-line for my life.

Or else--although it's certainly less funny, more literal--maybe my tag-line should, instead, be, "And then she took s'more pictures!"  Because lately that feels like the punctuation to my life, the ongoing undercurrent from day-to-day.  "She made blue cheese biscuits and rocked the baby to sleep....and then she took s'more pictures!"  "She took a nap and wrote letters and scratched the dog between his ears....and then she took s'more pictures!"  "She folded some laundry and knitted a few rows....and then she took s'more pictures!"

The latest more formal manifestation of that picture taking habit is these pretty engagement shots of a different Nice Co-Worker's dear friends.

As you can see, they have a bit of a sports rivalry going on.  Based on my experience, all of the best families do, so they're well on their way to creating a happy little home.  

(But Dani, if you guys ever have kids, don't let Kris put your baby in Sooners gear--that's just mean!)

Best of luck to this very nice couple!