Not Fall Yet, But No Harm In Being Prepared

One night last week, I greeted Sweet Husband after work with a bottle of red wine in my hand.

"Red, really?" he asked, cocking one eyebrow.

"Well, it's fall, so...."  I explained.  

While I do pay a little attention to the "red wine with steak, white wine with fish" sorts of rules, my primary method for determining the appropriate wine is looking at the calendar.  Red wine is for winter, white wine is for summer.  

Of course, given that it's still August and into the eighties and nineties most days, my seasonal beverage shift might have been premature.  Nonetheless, the cool mornings and ever-earlier sunset have rung some internal bell within me--fall is coming.

And with it, the need for some warmer sleeping clothes for my small one's chubby legs.  While we may still try a pair or two of footie pajamas--just for the sake of cuteness--I have a feeling my independent fellow may prefer pants by the time truly cold weather rolls around.

I made these two pairs using the method discussed in The Creative Family.  Essentially, you just use a pair of pants that already fit your child to make a pattern.  As you can see, it's an inexact method--I need to fix the length on the top pair before they can be worn--but it's perfect for when you only have an hour to work.

By honest-to-goodness coincidence, the top pair is made from Monaluna "Trees".  (Wasn't kidding when I said I love that stuff!)  The bottom pair is just a flannel I picked up at JoAnn's last week.  

The Kiddo looked so comfy running around modeling them that I'm tempted to make a few new pairs of comfy pj pants for myself!