A New Notebook

When I was little--this was before the internet, I'm afraid--I constantly scribbled in three-holed notebooks.  Nice Dad would always offer to buy me prettier journals, but I preferred my battered, spiral bound.  I can remember saying, "I'm too afraid to write in a nicer book.  I want to save the pages too much."

For the past couple years, I've been carrying around a few tiny moleskins in my purse as a "grown-up" substitute.  A few weeks ago, though, I realized why they weren't really working for me--1) they were a little small to really write in, and 2) they were just too pretty.  That very afternoon, I headed to the drugstore for a 99-cent notebook.  It felt like finding my right hand again.

The washi tape tabs are an improvement I found here.  So far I'm using them to mark out big things--a bit of creative writing I'm constantly futzing at, the food journal I intermittently keep.  I've also put in a few small tabs for things like my Christmas list.  Other than that, it's a lot of blog ideas, scraps of funny conversation that I don't want to forget, to-do lists.  Also, with the addition of a few paper clips to the front, I'm using it to keep whatever knitting pattern I'm working on, and bills that need to be added to my calendar.

As you can see, it's been 99-cents well spent!