Early Apples


We had a very nice weekend.  All kinds of family, a nice night out with friends (courtesy of some of that very same family), a couple of good runs....even some much needed rain.

And, since everything in our area is two or three weeks early this year, we also had to make room for a trip to the apple orchard on Sunday afternoon.

It's been so hot and dry that I wasn't sure how the apples would be this year.  Every time I pass a scorched cornfield, my eyes scrunch up with a bit of worry for the farmers.  Fortunately, though, the apples were unscathed.

With four adults picking--us and Sweet Husband's parents--it took about five minutes to fill our basket to the breaking point, even with one of us constantly chasing the Kiddo around the trees.  The Kid was initially happy to pick a few low hanging apples, but he was taken off the "picking crew" when he insisted on slamming them into the basket as if he were scoring a basketball goal.  (More on that tomorrow!)

While we might make a little applesauce or some apple chips, I'm thinking about just eating most of these apples straight-up.  I've had two today already, and the flavor--as always--is amazing!