Shootin' Hoops


I mentioned yesterday that Sweet Husband's parents were in town this past weekend.  What I did not mention though, was that they brought a fabulous old toy of Sweet Husband's with them--this funny, yellow basketball hoop.

Apparently, this was in the back of their recently cleaned-out storage unit.  Sweet Husband's grandfather made it for him when he was a little boy, and his parents thought the Kid might like it.

Does he ever!  After a trip downtown for a ball--a KU one, of course--the Kid was all set to shoot hoops.  While he's still a little short to dunk it, just throwing the ball around has been great entertainment these past few evenings.  

And the hoop is adjustable, too.  So when the Kid does get a little taller, we can just pop the backboard up another notch to keep the game going on into late elementary school, at least.  

Lookout Bill Self, you might just have a little future Jayhawk here!