A Few Baby Things


Sweet Husband:  You're knitting.  I haven't seen you knit in awhile.

Me:  Well, your cousin is 37 weeks pregnant.  I thought it was probably time to get a move on.

Indeed, the babies are arriving fast and furious around us.  (I hope to post pictures of a few next week, in fact.)  Despite my slacking in the knitting department, I've been looking forward to them coming all summer!  But, for this particular baby....

The shirt is a baby shell in cotton yarn, just the thing for a warm-climate little fellow.  I love the tag line on the pattern, "A seamless solution for big noggins".  It's like a lapped t-shirt, but it's knitted--ingenious!

The pants were a last-minute idea.  I went to fix the hem on the Kid's pants from last week, and realized that I had just enough fabric to make a pair of very tiny pants.  And since I was making one, figured I may as well make two.

And then I cried a little.  Because I pulled the pattern for the tiny pants off of the pants that the Kid wore home from the birthing center.  Holding pants that fit him now up next to pants that fit him then....well, let's just say that it was a ridiculously mixed bag of emotions that led to me putting away my sewing machine for the day.