The Transition


I would be lying if I said that there is any time of year when I give up hot coffee in favor of iced.  But there are certainly times of year when a piping hot latte sounds better than others.  This weekend felt like the true start of the transition.

Our summer treat is unquestionably walking downtown for ice cream.  If this weekend--this gorgeous, 70-degree, "hello fall!" weekend--is any predictor, our fall treat will be coffees and baby cupcakes.

Of course, even on the nights when there isn't a treat at the end, just walking at this time of year is very nice.  

And sleeping...with the windows open, but under covers to keep from getting too chilly.  

And cooking...washing tomatoes in a cool kitchen, and turning them into a pot of tomato sauce that simmers all afternoon.  Thinking about risotto and kale and figs and spicy squash pasta.


And planning...trips to the pumpkin patch, Halloween costumes, sweaters to knit, football, pretty morning runs, and all sorts of other coziness.

In fact, right off the top of my head, I'm having trouble thinking of something that I don't like about fall.