Hanging Out at a Barn Raising


I may have mentioned (once or twice or ten times) that we've really enjoyed our CSA from Amy's Meats this summer.  As part of the CSA membership, it's encouraged to come help on the farm a few times during the season.  Due to our crazy-busy summer, we hadn't made it yet.  So, this weekend, when Nice Amy put out the all-call that they needed help with a barn raising, we decided to go pitch in a hand.

As always sometimes happens at our house when we take on a project, preliminary issues led to a late start time.  A stump that was in the way of where the barn needed to be ended up taking a few hours to dig out.  As a result, we ended up visiting--with Amy and her super-sweet, super-polite kids, as well as with the resident creatures--much more than we ended up helping.  But Sweet Husband and I had fun, and the Kiddo had a blast!

When the Kid's impending nap-time meant we had to leave, Amy started to gather our CSA goodies for the week.  I mentioned that I'd take as many tomatoes as she could give us, so she sent us out to her garden to pick whatever we wanted.  The above picture represents only a fraction of what we ended up taking home.  Sauced together with a little garlic and basil--from our own garden--it was a delicious end to the day.