The One Where I Take Pictures of Babies

With all the babies coming these past few weeks, I had to take the opportunity to dip my toes into some newborn photography.  First up was this tiny lady, whose parents are our old (and probably our favorite ever) neighbors.


She was, I believe, about 10 days old, and I was a little flustered by how awake she was.  This being my first go at photographing an honest-to-goodness newborn, I had tried to do a little research on how to pose her.  But everything I had planned hinged on a sleeping baby.  When confronted with her wriggly arms and legs, I felt a bit like a first-time parent all over again.

I think I still got some cute shots--when an adorable baby is your subject it's not hard--but as I was editing them I felt like I definitely needed to practice more.

Fortunately, I got a chance just a few days later.  This little guy is our Dear Friends' son.  (The very same ones I posted maternity pictures of yesterday.)

I was able to get to him a bit sooner--he's about six days old in these shots--and it made a big difference.  As you can see, he was still super sleepy.  Also, having taken the pictures of the adorable little miss just a few days before, I was feeling a lot more confident about what I should do with him.

Overall, a fun couple of hours, but I can understand why people specialize in newborn photography.  It really is a completely different beastie than photographing older kids and grown-ups.