Chicken Notes


Mama Gladys and her "progeny"--the little girls (from top to bottom, Adele, Taylor, and Stevie) are just about full-sized.  I was hoping we might get eggs from them this fall, but I think spring will be more likely.  

Actually, there will be no eggs from anyone this week or next.  The flock egg production was slowing way down--partly because Gladys and Tori are molting--so we decided to take advantage of the time and give the girls some de-wormer.  We can't eat the eggs for two weeks after, so it's been store-bought for us. :(

Really it's sort of a last ditch effort for Bonnie and Joni.  They've both been such abysmal layers that I'm considering "sending them to freezer camp" as the saying goes, to make room for some more productive hens next spring.  

Although Amy (pictured with Emily, below) is still not crowing, it's becoming more apparent every day that we're probably going to have to off her (him?) soon, so it kind of makes sense to just plan to cull the bad layers at the same time.  If I've gotten some miracle, mild-mannered rooster that doesn't crow, I'd be happy to have her stay.  I say that seems unlikely, but--given our luck with roos so far--why not?


Speaking of the ladies, though, they had visitors the other day.  A reporter and photographer came out from our local paper to meet them.  The resulting story--which involves some other local chicken keepers and is a fun little read--is here.