Rock'n'Glow Saturday Night


I never would have guessed that I'd grow so attached to our Saturday nights "in".  I used to like going out an awful lot.  And it's still nice for a rare treat, but for the most part, I like the comfy-ness of making a little dinner, putting the Kid to bed, and catching up on some knitting or a movie.

That's not to say that we treat it just like any other night--oh no!  When I think of it, at least, I try to work in some special weekend fun--walking downtown for a cupcake, an extra half hour coloring with the Kiddo before bed.  

This Saturday, we pulled some glow sticks out of the back of the freezer and had "rock'n'glow" bathtime.  I found the idea, ages ago, here.  I think we had tried it once before, but the Kid is definitely at the perfect age for it right now.  He is not--as I once feared--color blind, and, in fact, loves showing us that he knows the names for all the colors.  So you can probably see the appeal of "blue" and "green" and "yeldow" and "orange" glow sticks.  

Combined with the joy of skipping his, otherwise nightly, hair washing, the Kid thought this was splendid fun.  And since watching him have fun is a lot of fun for us too...well, it was a pretty great Saturday night.